Uth Records is a youth based music reality television show launched by Ufone that provides talented young musicians a professional music platform for their original work to be seen and heard across Pakistan, irrespective of age, gender, language and background.

The concept, is based on the acknowledgment that our country has an abundance of musical talent, but due to a dearth of avenues, such talent usually receives little recognition or opportunity to break into the industry, thereby stifling the potential a new generation of music can bring.

Thus the vision behind Uth Records is: To first find talent through tapping into the demos of aspiring musicians; then select specific artists through the review of these demos by professional industry producers; to work closely with selected artists to arrange, compose and record their respective original compositions as guided by the producers, in a professional recording studio talent with some of Pakistan’s most gifted musicians. Each selected artist’s journey is recorded and then showcased on the Uth Records television show itself across multiple channels and on social media networks. The intention of this platform is to provide these initial steps for lesser known artists to explore their creativity while also refining and projecting their work. With Uth Records, the endeavour is to help educate aspiring musicians through professional exposure and better equip such musicians with the necessary skill and technique to eventually break into the industry itself.

Ufone has collaborated with distinguished and renowned musicians Louis J Pinto mostly referred to as Gumby and Omran ‘Momo’ Shafique who together are working as Uth Records’ Producers. The Uth Records television show is being directed by acclaimed director Zeeshan Parwez.

Uth Records is the first in line of many windows that the Ufone Uth Package will continue to open for Pakistan’s younger generation.
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