Bilal Khan initiated camerawork using old fashioned wits and hard work, a gift provided by God. From VGA cameras and camcorders in the early 2000s to Flickr uploads and eventually to commercial, portrait, events, fashion, bts, documentaries, corporate videos and most recently music video shoots, Bilal Khan hasn’t done it all, but he’s getting there very quickly.

Relying on a keen eye and precision of time, Bilal eventually built a cult following and a steadily growing fan base. His photographs are instantly recognizable because of their uniqueness – not the “Copyright” stamp at the bottom corner, but the intense use of light, motion, and the distinctive moments he captures, both candid and glamorous.

His work has been published in such leading publications as Dawn, Newsline and The News to name a few. Bilal is also part of Forward Media, a company specializing in film, design and photography.

From portraits to Direction of Photography for a number of music videos, (ADP, Faraz Haider, Call, Karavan, Zohaib Kazi and etc ) Bilal’s instinctive signature is matched only by his insatiable desire to diversify and constantly expand the way both he and his audiences see photographs and subjects.
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