Omran Shafique, popularly known as Momo throughout the music scene, is the widely admired front man and lead guitarist for acclaimed rock band Mauj, guitarist for co-VEN and Songwriter/Guitarist/Singer for Texas-based experimental hip hop band, Kostal. Working across multiple genres of music including progressive rock, traditional folk to R&B, Omran has, time and time again, demonstrated his versatility of skill to a variety of younger and older audiences alike. Over a very short period of time, Omran has worked to aid the professional careers of many now popular artists including Zeb & Haniya, Kaavish and Maryam Qizalbash. In addition, Omran plays live for Uth rock idol Ali Azmat and continues in his position as an integral part of all of the Coke Studio Seasons’ to date.

With Uth Records, Omran dons the Producer hat with partner Gumby of LJP Studios, and works with Uth Records to spot talented individuals around Pakistan, provide them with an opportunity to professionally explore their ability and with the Uth Records televised music show, break into the music industry.
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